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“Every company will be a FinTech company” (Andreessen Horowitz).

3 stories with 3 takeaways, things worth watching, and money moves will focus on the things that matter for the industry professionals and practitioners like myself. Easy to read, digest, and see the bigger picture, it will help you to save time and most importantly - stay ahead. Always.

Who Reads Linas’s Newsletter?

My readers skew towards the two fields I cover: Financial Technology (FinTech) and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Readers include people working in FinTech/Blockchain/Crypto, people passionate about FinTech/Blockchain/Crypto, or people that want to learn more about FinTech/Blockchain/Crypto. They are product managers, directors, startup founders, technology executives, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, among many others.

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What Others are Saying about the Newsletter?

I strongly recommend anyone interested in cryptocurrency, Blockchain, or FinTech to subscribe to Linas Beliūnas’ "Connecting the Dots Newsletter". Really great insights. Lots of work goes into these informative articles to stay current. Will save you tons of time for $70/year instead of spending 10x that in your time filtering through random articles weekly.

Highly recommended. I am on this newsletter for some time now and here are the benefits that measurably outweigh the penny cost:

1 - reduced time (by 10-12 hrs+ monthly) gathering disparate news

2 - timely release to my inbox

3 - breaking news

4 - concise summaries & highlights 

5 - non-bias content

6 - simple, easy UI layout to read, headlines, links, etc.

This is a very legit source of current news across FinTech, crypto, and blockchain and I would rate it way out front of CB Insights for aggregated relevance, insights, and highly-curated timely content.